About Us

Organisation Activities

OSUK was established 38 years ago as a voluntary organization looking after the social and cultural needs of Odias settled here in the United Kingdom. Odisha is a state in India with rich cultural heritage. Our organization has grown from strength to strength and has evolved as a link between Odisha and UK. Our vision is to promote Odia culture and ethos among people interested in Odisha. We regularly organize social and cultural events. The society encourages developmental activities and imbibing British and Odia cultures.

We are a flourishing community with members established in high echelon of British society in fields of Medicine, Engineering, Information Technology, Banking sector and Business. Our members have been involved individually in various philanthropic activities in the past. But there is a growing urge among members of our society as a group to involve in charity activities in their adopted country (UK) as well as back in Odisha. We feel that as a group we can achieve greater things.

From time to time we have been contributing to local charities and hospices. Some of our members have performed on stage to raise money for local causes. We also encourage various small local businesses to participate in our events, earn remunerations and improve their prospects. Our members have contributed generously whenever Odisha has been struck by natural calamities (e.g. Cyclones). Some of our works include supporting schools and orphanages in Odisha. Our children having imbibed the British generosity for charity have always been in the forefront of our mission, to help the underprivileged.

Odisha Society of United Kingdom (OSUK)