Chitra “The Colourful Butterfly”

Chitra “The Colourful Butterfly”

Have you ever heard a story about a little butterfly without colour?? Well, if you haven’t you should read this story.

In the deep, grand natural forest of Maha Van, there lived a dull, grey “not so-colourful’ butterfly called Chitra. She had no speck of colour or pattern in her wings and appeared very sad. Chitra always wandered around alone flapping quickly away to hide high up in the tree. It was the month of March and the Sun was starting to shine in the sky. Chitra was tired and thirsty. She flew down to quench her thirst and drank some water from a nearby pond. Chitra saw a group of bright and orange coloured Clown fish bouncing in the water as they happily swam. They looked mesmerizing with the white strikes and orange colour. Chitra was fascinated and asked them, “How do you have such bright colours?” .They did not bother to answer and Chitra flew away sadly. She thought the other animals in Maha Van were all colourful and looked beautiful than her.

Chitra flew from flower to flower to gather nectar, and she only wished she had those striking colours in her wings as the flowers. Chitra saw a group of colourful parrots arranged themselves in a circle and were talking to themselves. The parrots had a large head with a short, red coloured shiny neck and rich green coloured body. Chitra repeated her question and asked, ” Parrot, Parrot – How did you get your colour?” The parrots replied saying, “We are rewarded by the Wizard for being kind to others and that is how we have got such bright and beautiful colours”. The parrots started to tease Chitra and said, “Look at the Ugly and grey coloured butterfly who must have been unkind to others and cursed by the Witch”. 

As Chitra was flying she saw another majestic bird with intricate patterns of colour in her feathers. It was the Peacock! In a moment the peacock displayed a magnificent fan formation of feathers which had a spectacular backdrop. The peacock’s feather had patterns of eyes with glimmering coloured spots of blue, green, and gold combination. Chitra was amazed by the stunning beauty of the Peacock and repeated her question,” How did you get your colour?” The proud peacock did not utter a word and marched off.

Chitra was really sad, and decided to go far away in the woods so that nobody could tease her. The little butterfly sat in the corner of the forest and started crying. A blue Morpho butterfly was flying by and heard Chitra’s crying. The Morpho butterfly asked Chitra, “Why are you crying little butterfly?” and Chitra replied in tears, “Nobody likes me because I am boring and have dull, dark wings. Morpho butterfly was touched by Chitra’s sadness and told her that tomorrow morning there is a grand festival where Lord Krishna and his friends will be playing HOLI and everyone from Maha Van are invited ! Chitra had no clue how things were going to change but she hoped to meet Lord Krishna who could have magical effect on her. The next morning they set off to meet Krishna. They met Krishna and he heard Chitra’s story. “The other animals are so beautiful but I’m just a little ugly butterfly with grey wings,” said Chitra, in tears. Krishna smiled and said,” Go to the lake flowing nearby and take a bath!” .Chitra flew to the lake and the water in the lake was splashing as it moved through the trees. The water had all the seven colours of RAINBOW and sparkled like Tinsel. Chitra fluttered and drifted into the water lazily. She felt heavy and slept off. When Chitra woke up, she laughed and shouted,” I’m not a dull, grey butterfly anymore”! 

Chitra was brightly coloured and became a beautiful RAINBOW Butterfly. 


Drishika Panigrahi (in year 2017)

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