Classic Odia Food

Classic Odia Food

Words cannot describe the subtle and magical taste of Odia Food. Over the Years, Odia Food has taken a thrilling journey and new generations have brought innovative ways to makeover the traditional Odia dishes with a creative modern touch yet keeping it healthy and delicious!! From Pakhala to Dalma to finger licking Chhena Poda; everything is scrumptious and makes people drool over. Odias flaunt for the variety and simplicity of Odia cuisines which uses fewer spices and emits an inviting aroma.

Why not venture to different parts of Odisha and explore the wide range of Odia delicacies!!

Nimapada Chhena JhiliThis dessert was started by Late Aarta Sahu and is enjoyed by the locals and tourists who visit Puri. Chhena Jhili is absolute bliss and you will be well satiated with this soft and spongy cheese dessert. This remains as one of the highly enjoyed popular dishes of Odisha.

Nayagarh Chenna Poda This is an Odia classic dessert made from chenna(cottage cheese) and caramelised sugar which has an enduring taste of burnt cheese. This is our very own Odia ‘Cheesecake’ and offered to Lord Jagannath as one of his favourite sweets.

Berhampur Achaar and Pampaad –The flavourful and acidic taste of achaar is unique and prepared by using local ingredients from Chhatu (mushrooms), garlic or fish. The pickled condiments and seasoning give it a tantalizing taste.

Kendrapara Rasabali This is a signature dish of Kendrapara.Lip-smacking and delightfully rich Rasabali is offered as one of the Chappana   Bhogas to Lord Jagannath. The reddish-brown cheese fritters are soaked in thick and creamy milk.

Baripada’s Mudhi Mansa – Made with mutton gravy this is eaten alongside with Puffed rice (Mudhi) and enjoyed as an exclusive delicacy.


Dhenkanal Bara – Crunch and crispy, savoury Dhenkanal Baras are worth a try when you are in Dhenkanal. They have a distinctive flavour of cumin and curry leaves and best served with Ghuguni and chutney.

Keonjhar Badi – The unique bite-size fluffy, gorgeous floral shaped Badis are divine in taste either fried or roasted.


Puri Khaja – This is one of the Chhapana Bhogas of Lord Jagannath and is prepared in the temple which is offered as a daily. Prasad. This flaky and dazzling Khaja which is glazed with sugar syrup is a delight of Puri.

Salepur Rassogolla – The fascination of Salepur Rassogolla is in its velvety look and the brown colour where the Rassogolla’s are dipped in caramelised sugar syrup. The luscious Rassogolla is the most loved cheese sweet in sugar syrup.

Bhubaneswar Kora Khai – Kora Khai is the local favourite old town Bhubaneswar. This is the primary food offered at the Lingaraj Temple and there can be no deviation in its preparation. It is very crunchy and has a unique flavour of jaggery.

Balasore Gajja – This is another type of Rasagoola which will boost your tastebuds and Balasore people boast for this authentic and traditional sweet dish. This is one of the famous cuisines of Odisha

Bhadrak Palua Ladoo – This delightful Ladoo has its own royalty in Bhadrak with a distinctive sweet taste. The Palua ladoo is about 100 years old and remains as one of the most authentic sweet of Bhadrak

Balangir Chaula Bara – Apart from being an aesthetic place of Odisha, Balangir encourages ‘Chaula Bara’ to promote its local cuisine.


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